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The Top Boosts To Buy From The Social Tournaments Store


The best thing about adding to your coin collection, is that there’s dozens of ways to spend the coins you’ve earned from the many thrilling free slot tournaments and online slot escapades. For the most rewarding shopping spree of this year, we’d suggest you head over to the Social Tournament’s Store where the boosts on sale might help you in your chosen games claim to fame. 

You’ll be spoilt for choice, with the ever-growing selection of slot avatars, tickets, lootboxes and eye-catching merchandise on offer. 

To maximise your Social Tournaments shopping spree, have a read of the Store Guide which covers all you need to know before purchasing the winning formulas.   


 The Lootboxes are overflowing with goodies which vary from box to box. You take a gamble just by choosing any one of these boxes, since they’re often filled with surprises so there’s no way of knowing what to expect. If you love surprises, this is for you. If you don’t then you’ll be glad to know that tickets, avatars and emojis will be making an appearance throughout. So now you can roll the dice and take a chance on the available offers:

  • Week 47 Lootbox 
  • Monday – Friday Chest 
  • Season 9 Legendary Chest 
  • Season 9 Epic Chest 
  • Season 9 Rare Chest 
  • Season 9 Uncommon Chest 
  • Season 9 Common Chest 


The tremendous tickets are your signature pass to the top tournaments taking place every month. There are 7 types of different tickets available to purchase, which can be used on various daily, weekly, or monthly slot tournaments. Let’s see which one you should throw in the cart, to ramp up your wins: 

  • Season 9 Golden Ticket – Purchase for another chance in the Monthly Tournament.  
  • Week 47 Ticket – Purchase to use on the Weekly Finals Tournament (includes Sunday.) 
  • Monday Ticket – Purchase to join Monday’s 24 hour Tournament. 
  • Tuesday Ticket – Purchase to join Tuesday’s 24 hour Tournament. 
  • Wednesday Ticket – Purchase to join Wednesday’s 24 hour Tournament. 
  • Thursday Ticket – Purchase to join Thursday’s 24 hour Tournament.  
  • Friday Ticket – Purchase to join Friday’s 24 hour Tournament.  


Your favourite video slot characters will appear in the form of avatars which will guide you to a whole new universe of golden goods when you choose to invest your coins wisely. Here’s what’s on offer now, from the ever-changing selection of game avatars: 

  • Exclusive Big Juan – Available to purchase for 3,000 coins.  
  • Exclusive Dead Lovers – Available to purchase for 3,000 coins. 
  • Exclusive John Hunter – Available to purchase for 3,000 coins. 
  • Exclusive Panda – Available to purchase for 3,000 coins. 
  • Exclusive Princess – Available to purchase for 3,000 coins. 


The loyal Social Tournaments players will love the growing selection of branded merchandise. Enhance your online gaming experience with sports caps, t-shirts to get geared up in time for the various upcoming tournaments and slot challenges.  

The in-store selection of Social Tournaments products is growing on a constant basis. Keep an eye out for the regular updates, which will be appearing in a store near you within the near future.